Budget start-up package

When you’re starting a business, having an online presence should be high on your list of priorities. But funds are often extremely limited. You know you need a website but you can’t afford thousands of dollars to get one built.

We know; we’ve been there too!

That’s why we created the Budget Start-Up Package designed for small or start-up businesses on a tight budget.

How are our packages different?

With some website development companies charging upwards of $8,000 for a simple website that doesn’t even include copywriting, it can be tempting to try one of the free do-it-yourself websites.

These seem appealing, but you’re often left with a website that doesn’t do your business justice. They take up your precious time to build, don’t look professional and you have to provide your own written content. You’re also limited with the extras and plugins you can have, and security and backups usually aren’t included. 

You’ll have a website, but will your website get found by your target market when they do an online search? Does it sell your business? Are your words going to entice someone to actually buy from you?


Some websites are simply digital business cards. Others are money-making machines that allow your business to thrive while you sleep.

We concentrate on the latter, and we do this for an incredible price. There’s nowhere else you’ll find professional design, skilled development, convincing written content, SEO, security and backups all in one place for a price like this.

The Budget Start-Up Package has everything you need for a professional online presence.

Want to customise your package? Ask us and we’ll happily mix and match it for you.

The Budget Start Up Package includes:

A 4-page website

Design, development and content population of 4 website pages in WordPress



Full copywriting and SEO for all 4 website pages

Website Setup

Including 12 months domain name management and hosting


Installation and setup of security, backup and search engine optimisation plugins

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included

Design & Development:
Design, creation and content population of 4 pages
Includes Security and Backup plugins installed and setup
4 pages with keyword research and SEO word placement.
Contact page free of charge.
Website setup:
12 months domain name management
12 months website hosting
Theme licence purchase$120

Total package price = $2,195 + GST

50% invoiced upfront and 50% on final approval of the completed website

How do we keep our costs so low?

Normally, a low price means low quality or lots of extra hidden costs, but not at The Web Hut.

We work highly efficiently as a team and know each other’s moves. Our processes are tight, we’re fast and we know what we’re doing.

All this saves us time and you money.

What’s the catch?

Yes, there are some terms and conditions:

  • We aim for the project to be completed within 30 days. No dilly-dallying around!
  • We have a preferred WordPress theme we use that is highly customisable, however customisation outside the limits of this theme will be charged accordingly.
  • The package includes three rounds of revisions for copywriting and design sign-offs. Any extra edits will be charged at an hourly rate.

Ready for a new website?